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Always write full Specifications.  More details of your requirements can help Qinghe to make the product cost more accurate. Qinghe needs the following specification to quote a wire mesh price:

1. The Mesh/inch or the mesh size

2. The wire diameter

3. The Width and length per roll or per panel

4. The material. 

5. The Quantity. 

6. The Lead time you required. 

Above information are all important and necessary for generating a cost, if you preter a very urgent dilivery, such as if you are looking for AISI 304L material 100 Mesh x 0.1mm x 1m x 30m, but AISI304 material is also acceptable for you, you can let us know, as we may have AISI 304 stock but not the AISI304L stock of this specification.   


Besides above crucial information, some customers communicated much more wider and deeper, and that type of inquiry does get higher attention of our sales and management.  This way works for them, and it may work for you too. 


The information they shared with Qinghe including the following: 


Let us know sth. about your company if you do not have a website.  Each quotation(based on the cost) generated from Qinghe is serious and is worked together by 3 to 5 persons. Our sales will be happy to tell his/her colleagues that who they are quoting for and what products they do. 


If this inquiry is a regular order, they let Qinghe know what is the order quantity per month/year.  Normally if an inquiry could become a regular order, it will get high attention of the sales executive, and they will put this inquiry in high priority.


Some customers let Qinghe know what kind of support you need.  For example, "this job is very urgent and we would need the price within 24 hours", "we had a tight schedule and we would need some of your stocks available(they got to be as close as our specifications) and ship it by DHL if price is good", some tell us thatf  "the selvage edge is very crucial, and if you can make it, we can order it every month".  some even just let us know that customers need the best quality; some just let us know that the budget is tight, so they need a very good price. 

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