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Qinghe is better in maintaining current customers than reaching a new customer.


90% of our more than 380 customers have been doing business with us for more than 5 years.   We appreciate their orders and are proud of providing products and service for them.   That means once you start to do business with us, you are most likely to enter a more than 5 year business cooperation with us.  You will be impressed by our product quality and our service.


If you had a bad experience in buying stainless steel wire mesh from others, you should talk to us for starting a reliable partnership and stopping the unpleasant memories.


We have some customers who had been buying stainless steel wire mesh from other suppliers before they came to us.  Customers shared their former buying experiences after they finalized some deals with us: everything seemed good until they received the goods.  The disasters are caused by a lot of reasons: the material was wrong; or the material was proved to be wrong later although the suppliers provided perfect material certificate; the wire thickness and the weight were less; the product quality was a mess; some important procedures were saved; the packing was poor......       


Quality management is a project no matter it is a big order or a small job.  It starts from which grade of material you will choose, which type of machines you will use, all in one word: the manufacturer needs to put himself in the end user's situation, then a lot of problems can be solved.  Unfortunately, a lot of manufacturers can not understand this.   They tend to say: it is OK to make the thickness only a little smaller, and 200 bucks can be saved;  I think this procedure might be not necessary, let's save it, and 400 bucks come into our pocket again. What they do not understand is: customers pay the cost for the quality products, and they deserve to receive the correct products.  The 200 bucks or 400 bucks cheating may cause a 20000 or 40000 bucks loss to customers!  A good customer needs the support from a good supplier.   We are proud that 70% of our customers have been doing business with us for more than 8 years. 



We quote once only

To save the time of both Qinghe and our customers, Qinghe does not offer discount after quoting the first time.  Qinghe only quotes the best price at the first time based on the requirements of specifications, special requests, quantity and lead time.



No surprise after T/T or receiving the products.


Qinghe strictly abides by the specifications in contracts and email correspondence which are confirmed by both parties.  Qinghe knows that a lot of competitors are aiming at using different quality materials, thinner gauge thinness of wire which is different from the customers' request will make the profit bigger, or to get the order because of price.  But Qinghe knows that those “competitors” never understand that this is not customers' want, but this will make customers lose time and money.  If surprises happen a lot when dealing with a company, in most cases, those surprises are made on purpose and delivered on schedule.


We attend global exhibitions each year.


A cheating company is always cheating, or cheating for most of the time .  They show their names only on the internet.   They have to hide themselves physically somewhere.   They never go to overseas exhibitions, as showing their names publicly is quite dangerous for them, since customers having been cheated will go to them to take some action.   Qinghe has been on more than 50 exhibitions in China and overseas.  For checking which exhibition we will be on, please contact our sales.


It is never too late to start to do business with Qinghe.


For customers who are looking for business partners instead of looking for “sellers”, it is never too late to start to do business with us.  One secret of Qinghe is: we are also choosing customers.  Qinghe focuses on the needs of quality requirements, steady and continuous business partner relationship.  In the view of years' cooperation in future, it is never too late to start to do business with us. 

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