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Customers are not just buyers; they are Qinghe’s business partners

 Qinghe believes that "one time business with" can not support Qinghe to live and develop.  Aiming at entering long-term business with customers, Qinghe abide by this rule when doing quoting, sample quoting, quality controlling during order, logistic service, and all other procedures involved in dealing with customers.   Qinghe believes when business is good for customers, business is good for Qinghe. 


Staffs are not just employees; they are Qinghe’s important treasures

 Each order is accomplished and serviced by Qinghe technicians, sales, workers and managements.  Qinghe can not grow or even survive without them. The fair and open incentives can make each employee work happily and efficiently.  In some way, Qinghe treats her staff as “internal customers”.


Suppliers are on the same boat with Qinghe

 Qinghe only provides metal mesh products.  We are also buying a lot of wire materials for manufacturing, packing, and logistic services, and we buy machines and spare parts to maintain our high efficiency.  It is very important to make each supplier know that if they are risking making Qinghe lose customers, for sure they will lose Qinghe. 



Let customers know what happened timely

When there is a problem, letting customers know as soon as possible is better than when customers finding it 3 months later.  According to Qinghe experiences, problem does happen in some cases because we are all human beings, but it usually can be solved in alternative ways or customers can minimize the lost to the minimum when they get notice from the seller as soon as it happens.  Qinghe understands that problem is a bad thing, but keeping it as a secret will make it much worse finally. 



Quality is NO. 1

Most of our customers have built up reputation for their brands and company names in their industries; their customers are loyal to them because of this.  Poor quality products will make the buyers not be able to sell the products to their loyal customers.  The losses are not only in the products values, but also in the time involved, and the damage to their reputation.   If they have sold the products without knowing the problem, the trust from their customers and the chances may never come back again.


Price is very important

Price is very important for both customers and Qinghe.  Qinghe generates the best price based on the most updated material prices, processing costs, management costs and shipping costs.  Qinghe understands that customers also get competitors.  If Qinghe’s customers cannot win by quality and price, Qinghe will lose customers as a result.  Qinghe guarantees that the prices Qinghe offered are always the most competitive one based on the same quality products. 


Punctual Delivery time

We understand that when customers place orders with us, it means that they have made a promise to their customers,  and they are expecting the products to arrive within the date shown on the contract.  Delayed shipping will make customers get angry and make the whole situation worse.



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