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Wire Cloth Plain Weave >> Applications
-Sifting Mesh and Screening Mesh in chemical and chemical fiber industry
-Used for sifting and filtering in acid and alkali conditions
-Used as Slurry Net in petroleum
-Acid Washing Mesh in electric plating industry
-Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Shielding
-Heat Conductor – Roof / Gutters
-Low NOx Applications
-Sizing of crush material
-Baskets for dipping
-Blast Containment
-Security Mesh 
-Food Processing
-Drying Screening
- Bushfire protection
-Balustrade infill
-Animal enclosures
-Plant supports
-Explosive testing
-EMI/RFI Shielding
-Gas Burners
-Fly Screen 
-Fuel Cells
-Art forms


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