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Stainless steel security screens is also named stainless steel anti-bullet mesh, security window screen or safety mesh.  It resembles the normal type of thinner wire insect netting, but much stronger to prevent forced entry.  Security screen provides observed feeling of transparent view.   When looking from indoors to outdoors, it is like a layer of transparent colored glass.  When looking from outdoors to indoors, it is hazy and blurred.  Security window screen guards your house against theft, and lets fresh air enter your house.


 Qinghe have been in this filed for more than 12 years, most of our customers are from Australia including Sydney, Melbourne and Western Australia, more Australian customers have trusted our security mesh to secure their homes.  Qinghe security screens are clearly Australian distributor’s first choice to maintain and improve their reputation.



Security screens are made of stainless steel wire, then done powder coating with modern decorative color, with beautiful appearance.  You do not need to look at ugly grills, bars or similar obstructions that spoil your view.  Security window screens are permanently mounted, unlike removable insect screens on windows.  This safety mesh is sandwiched inside a frame that is bolted together tightly so the mesh panel can not be pulled out.  And screens are hinged on one side and latched to facilitate emergency exit in case of fire or other emergency.  As with all window security measures, it is important to ensure that window security screens do not impede evacuation while keeping intruders out.


Let the fresh air in but that's all.  Stainless steel security screen can offer the comfort of fresh air flowing through your home with clear and unobstructed outdoor views.  Its strength and durability also offer the peace of mind of knowing your home is secure.

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