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Nickel woven wire mesh is a kind of filter screen mesh made with nickel wire materials N2, N4, N6, N8, etc.Nickel screen can be woven with three methods: plain weave, twill weave, Dutch-weave. The main specification for the plain woven nickel mesh is from 1 mesh to 200 mesh. Plain weave process is characterized by the same wire density per inch in the warp and weft direction. The main specification for the twill weave nickel wire mesh is from 1mesh to 220 mesh. The twill woven wire mesh has better tension than plain weave mesh. The main specification of Dutch weave nickel wire mesh is from 45 mesh to 800 mesh. Dutch woven wire mesh offers accurate filtering of minimum 20um, which cannot be achieved by the plain weave and twill weave mesh. Nickel mesh screen can be produced according to customers' needs and as well as custom wire diameter and mesh requirements. Pure Nickel Wire Mesh Filters are mainly used in petroleum, chemical, aerospace and other industries.



Nickel Knitted Wire  Mesh is also called nickel screen, which is a pure nickel wire vapor-liquid filter mesh screen. It is also known as pure nickel wire mesh mist eliminator or demister pad wire mesh. Pure nickel knitting wire mesh is made through a special crochet knitting process, widely used in special production environments for mesh demister, oil processor, internal combustion engine filters, dust filters, etc. The wire net general specifications are 25mm to 600mm width. Mesh size and filtering accuracy can be produced according to customer requirements.

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