Stainless steel screen mesh has an innate resistance to rust. This means that the screen mesh will not succumb to oxidation in an environment that is conducive to rusting.

As a result of the mesh being rust resistance, it retains a cleaner and more vibrant appearance over the duration of its use.

Stainless steel screen mesh is very easily cleansed, washed, and shined, which makes it a highly reusable product.

The material is also well known for its tensile strength, or the maximum strength a material can withstand while being stretched or pulled before failing and breaking. It also maintains very high durability features.

As a result of the mesh being both flexible and stable, it is advantageous for concrete applications. Large concrete construction projects are more easily and efficiently completed with steel screen mesh products.

It is highly versatile in the manufacturing process. Stainless steel screen mesh can be designed with a multitude of different weave patterns, screen sizes, mesh sizes, and wire diameters. This allows for the manufacturer to have the utmost control over design applications, allowing for the creation of a product that meets the customers’ needs.

The ability to design meshes with different characteristics makes stainless steel mesh an excellent material for sieving, organizing, screening, straining, and filtrating.

Wire mesh withholds its integrity when subjected to a variety of manufacturing abuses and practices.

When compared with competitors, such as galvanized iron wire mesh, or PVC coated welded wire mesh, stainless steel mesh is much more durable and resistant to corrosion.

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