Qinghe is using different instruments for measuring different range of wire meshes.

Measuring the Wire Diameter:

Always check with a micrometer caliper. Measure both Warp and Weft Wire. Use a magnifying glass to see if wires are parallel (both Warp and Weft Wire). Check quality of crimping.

Measuring Space Cloth:

With a ruler, check the distance from the inner edges of two adjacent, parallel wires.

Measuring opening of Coarse Mesh Cloth:

Use a ruler to count the openings in one linear inch, starting at the center of any wire.

Measuring the mesh No. of Medium Mesh Cloth:

Beginning about 20 mesh, use a counting glass to count the openings per linear inch from wire center to center both horizontally and vertically (or count openings in 1/4 inch slot and multiply by four).

Measuring the Mesh No. of Fine Wire Mesh Cloth:

Beginning about 50 mesh, use a Mesh No. Counting Instrument to read the mesh numbers per inch.

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