Minimum Order Quantity (M.O.Q)

Qinghe does not set up the MOQ for wire mesh or wire cloth. Qinghe understands that each customer has very different quantity needs. Qinghe is a company that takes orders as task focus. We calculate the cost according to our customers’ specifications and quantity, and then present our best offers based on long-term cooperation hopes.

Some stainless steel wire mesh stocks are available, it can be shipped by DHL or TNT any time.

Qinghe has some wire cloth stocks (from 200 mesh to 500mesh) available ready for shipping any time, pls check with our sales, we can ship one roll (1m x 30m or 4feet by 100feet). For customers who prefer air shipping or by air courier, normally those orders are for fine stainless steel wire cloth,

Some stainless steel wire mesh stocks NOT available, Qinghe suggest the single order value to be above USD500.00

Qinghe welcomes orders of smaller quantity which can be placed regularly each year. This part of orders value can range from USD500.00 to USD30000.00.

Certainly, Qinghe welcomes orders in bigger quantity or container quantity. A certain number of our clients’ orders are in containers quantity, and one single order value ranges from USD30,000.00 to USD220,000.00.

Lead Time

Lead time is quite different depending on stock status, specifications, quantity, and Qinghe’s manufacturing schedule. The lead time examples bellowing means the time from the day we accept the order to the day the order is ready for shipping, and it does not include the shipping time.

For wire mesh with stocks available, we can ship within 3 working days.

For 2-20mesh, 100 rolls, lead time normally ranges from 25 days to 35 days.

For 22-100mesh, 100 rolls, lead time normally ranges from 30 days to 45 days.

For 120-500mesh, 100 rolls, lead time normally ranges from 35 days to 50 days.

Payment Terms

Qinghe DOES NOT accept Credit Cards. We only accept the following two ways:

Way1:50% by T/T to confirm the order, 50% by T/T before shipping.

90% of our orders are handled in this payment term. As for most of the orders, when Qinghe start an order, Qinghe need to pay full payment of the material cost. 50% of the total contract value is only part of the material cost, Qinghe also need to invest certain amount to money to book and get the material. All of Qinghe’s quotation is based on this payment terms unless otherwise specified.

Way 2: Qinghe accept L/C at sight under certain circumstance.

In this Case, an extra cost USD700 will be charged besides the order amount. The government of some countries requires paying an overseas company must be conducted under L/C terms, companies from these countries can only pay by L/C. If customer’s government has no restriction policy on foreign currency, Qinghe does not recommend L/C payment term. As most of the USD700 cost is mainly charged by banks on both sides. On the other hand, Qinghe will need to take a lot of time on paper works.

Costs for an exporting shipment by sea:

Costs for an exporting shipment by sea:
For one exporting shipment, whatever the value and the quantity are, some fees are fixed; total fees are approximately USD150.00-USD200.00. These fixed fees are as following:

Customs and port charges: USD100.00
Bank wire transfer fees: USD20.00-USD50.00
Documentation and express fees: USD30.00-USD50.00

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