Sintered Filter

Product Overview

Sintered Filter is a product composed by 5 layers or 6 layers wire mesh which got different mesh no, those wire mesh are sintered together by procedures of vacuum sintering, compressing, rolling, and then finally forming a finished filter product.

1st Layer: Protective layer. (100 mesh plain weave stainless steel wire mesh)

2nd Layer: Control layer. (Various according to required mesh, including 150 – 450 mesh plain weave stainless steel wire mesh and 165 x 600 – 400 x 2800 Dutch twill weave stainless steel wire cloth)

3rd Layer: Dispersion layer (100 mesh plain weave stainless steel wire mesh)

4th Layer: Reinforcing layer (12 x 64 mesh Dutch plain weave stainless steel wire mesh)

5th Layer: Supporting layer (64 x 12 mesh Dutch plain weave stainless steel wire mesh)

6th Layer (optional): Supporting layer: (12 mesh plain weave stainless steel wire mesh, this layer can be saved if 5 layer sintered filter is required)

Sintered Filter Features

Wide range of filter rating
It has the steady filter rating from the 1micron to 100micron.

Steady filter rating
Due to the supporting layer and protective layers, the filter layer is working steadily.

High mechanical strength
Owing to the support of fourth and fifth layers, it has higher resistance to pressure and mechanical strength.

Easy to wash
It is very easy to wash, especially to wash from the other side, by virtue of adopting the surface layer filtration material

Heat resistance
It still working well under temperature of up to 500oC.

Corrosion resistance
It has the property of anti-corrosion as a result of adopting the material of SUS standard of 304, 304L, 316 or 316L.

It suits for many kinds of mechanical engineering like cutting, bending, punching, stretching or welding, etc.

SUS304 (AISI304)
SUS304L (AISI304L)
SUS316 (AISI316),
SUS316L (AISI316L).

Hastelloy, Monel and Inconel material can be custom made.

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