Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Stock and Price List, updated on Dec 18, 2023

We have the following Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Stock available, specifications listed belowing can be ordered and shipped within 3 working days. Please contact us for confirming the quantity and price.

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Stock  
MaterialMeshWire DiaWidth X LengthWeightEX Works
AISI 3041000.1MM1M X 30M15.0 kgsUS$100.00
AISI 3041000.11MM1M X 30M18.2 kgsUS$110.00
AISI 3041200.08MM1M X 30M11.5 kgsUS$99.00
AISI 3041500.06MM1M X 30M8.1 kgsUS$114.00
AISI 3041500.07MM1M X 30M11.0 kgsUS$149.00
AISI 3041800.05MM1M X 30M6.8 kgsUS$118.00
AISI 3041800.06MM1M X 30M9.7 kgsUS$133.00
AISI 3042000.04MM1M X 30M4.8 kgsUS$130.00
AISI 3042000.05MM1M X 30M7.5 kgsUS$188.00
AISI 3042500.04MM1M X 30M6.0 kgsUS$177.00
AISI 316L3000.038MM1M X 30M6.5 kgsUS$193.00
AISI 316L3250.035MM1M X 30M6.0 kgsUS$212.00
AISI 316L4000.03MM1M X 30M5.4 kgsUS$267.00
AISI 316L5000.025MM1M X 30M4.7 kgsUS$580.00
AISI 316L6350.018MM1M X 30M3.1 kgsUS$7055.00

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