Anping Qinghe Metal Mesh set up high standards for our stainless steel wire mesh products:

Standard of Wire checking:

National standard (GB5330-85) and our enterprise regulation about raw material defects and relative solution.

Standard of wire mesh & wire cloth checking: 

We check quality of end products according to China National Standard GB/T17492-1998, equivalent ISO9044:1990, and our own standard.

Crucial checking issues of stainless steel wire mesh: 

Wire Diameter

Mesh No. per inch

Size (roll or panel size)

Surface condition: opening, color, flat or not and defects. 

Edge of wire mesh should be neat and without defects.

Standard of Checking reed:

The steel reed should be flat and clean, with correct wire going, the inside height, inside length and thickness should be correct.

Product Standards

Wire Diameter Tolerance:

+0.0015mm (0.01-0.099mm)

+0.010mm (0.1-0.99mm)

+0.020mm (1.0-3.0mm)

Mesh / Inch Tolerance:   

+0.2mesh (10-30mesh)

+0.5mesh (40-60mesh)

+0.6mesh (70-100mesh)

+1.0mesh (110-300mesh)

+1.5mesh (400-600mesh)

Width Tolerance:

-0mm +5mm for width below 1200mm

Length Tolerance:

-0m +0.36m for length below 30m

Panel Size Tolerance:

-Panel size(mm) x 0.5%

Wire Mesh Disc Diameter Tolerance:

+Discs Diameter (mm) x 0.5%

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