Technical Terms


Number of openings per linear inch measured from center to center of parallel wires.

Square Mesh

Mesh count identical in both directions.

Rectangular Mesh (off count)

Mesh count greater in one direction than in the other.


Actual open space (size of opening).

Warp Wire

Wire running length of cloth.

Weft (fill) Wire

Wire running across width of cloth.


Measurement of wire diameter (best expressed in decimal sizes).

Crimp Types

Single Crimp

Indentations in warp and fill wires which lock wires in position.

Double Crimp

Equal crimp in both warp and fill wires.

Intermediate Crimp

Extra crimps between intersections, usually found in coarse mesh cloth to add rigidity & accuracy of mesh.


The Stainless Steel Wire Mesh can be steam-cleaned and sterilized and does not need paint or other surface finishes.

Edge Types

Selvage Edge

Finished woven edge of wire cloth formed by loops of fill wire.

The term Selvage means finished edges, that is, the fill wires are woven in continuously, forming a smooth or finished edge running the length of a roll. Generally speaking, a selvage edge will increase the stability of a mesh and provide a safety edge for handling.

Raw Edge/Without Selvage Edge

Raw Edge/Without Selvage refers to edging that is not continuously woven. Therefore, the Weft wires are uncovered, or raw.

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