Wire Mesh Defects

The quality wire mesh should avoid what kind of wire mesh defects?

According to Qinghe years of experience, the following wire mesh defects should not be existing in any part of the wire mesh rolls of panels. If you have problems of the following with your current wire mesh supplier, pls talk to us.

Wire Doubling

Two pieces of wire or more get into one. Where there should be only one weft or warp wire, inserted two or more wires.

Weft Twisting

Weft wire twists.

Knot Bulging

Warp wire not well knotted causes bulging out of the surface.

Broken Wire

Broken of single wire.

Rusty Spots

Colored changed by corrosion. Color spots in the surface.

Broken Holes

Multi-pieces broken wires at same site to form a hole in the surface.

Mistaken Weaving

Some weft wire or warp wire are woven together in error. Easily happen for diamond wire mesh.

Loosening of Wire

Twisting or moving of single or some pieces of warp wire or weft wire.

Weaving In of Impurity

Non-woven materials woven in the fabric cause deformed opening or blocking to affect the neatness of surface. The soft stuff that cannot be moved, also not protruding, may remain as defects; the hard and protruding stuff must be picked out, otherwise it may damage the neighboring wire mesh.

Wire Back

The wire coiled, tied or twisted into the mesh forms a protruding above surface. Weft wire tied up called dead coiling. These will mostly cause the opening exceeding maximum opening range, or the wire mesh surface protruding.

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